Friday, December 30, 2005

A Guild Wars Christmas

This is one of my Guild Wars characters, Beso Dela Muerte. She is a Level 14 Necromancer/Mesmer. In this pic she is standing by the Christmas tree in Ascalon City. The developers of Guild Wars love the game so much that they decorate 3 of its major cities (Ascalon, Lion's Arch and Droknar's Forge) for the holidays, and they add special items and special quests to do. It's awesome. (They did this at Halloween, too). Because they have players in Europe and Korea, too, this time it's not strictly Christmas they've celebrated, but Wintersday, which is New Year's Eve. There will be a big battle between Dwayna and Grenth (two of the Tyrian gods in the main storyline) and their followers, to decide whether winter will be longer or if it will give way to spring. After the holiday, the towns will return to normal, but the special items will stay for anyone who has them. (That's why in the game you can see people running around with Jack-o-Lantern helms). Anyone who likes MMORPGs, & has broadband should definitely check this game out! It's free to play online; all you have to do is buy the game (which is only about $40 now). The developers are constantly adding to the game world, and making small changes or improvements, and there are fun surprises, too. I love this game!

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Package Nazi

I survived my yearly visit to the package Nazi! Wahoo! You'd have to experience this particular brand of insanity to really understand, but let me explain.
At the place where I ship my packages out each Christmas (not the post office - they have their own brand of crazies), the service desk is manned by this little, bubbly (in a very annoying way), breathless asian woman (breathless as in, talking a mile a minute like I'm on speed & can't shut up). She has a soft voice, which would actually be quite pleasant if she'd rest it occasionally, and she's quite possibly a very sweet person outside of her job, but she makes me completely insane.
Anyway, not only does she measure and weigh each package, but she generally feels it up, comments on various aspects of it (the folks ahead of me got a lecture on why they should never use duct tape for shipping - it's not heat resistant, and might fall off... the lecture I got last year was about the "soft side" the box I was shipping had - I figure if I ship it this way, and something breaks, then it's my own damn fault, no?), and demands to know what's inside. And don't you dare answer "Christmas Gifts" - oh nooooooooo- this chick has to know specifically what those gifts are. Nevermind that the box is taped from here to breakfast & can't possibly break open, and the stuff inside is packed so solidly that you could play football with the box, and nothing would move, and that you've already told her (after being grilled about the 1st three boxes already) that there is nothing inside involving either glass or hazardous chemicals - she must know what the specific contents of the box are, so she can type it into her little terminal. Now people, I wrapped and packed eight boxes worth of stuff over the weekend, and I worked a full day today, before I brought these boxes to ship, and I didn't bring my gift list with me. Yeah, I have a fairly good idea of what I've sent to whom, but by the time I got those 8 boxes to the place, entered the information into the computers to get the 1st little label stickers, brought the boxes over to the counter so the clerk could throw out the little stickers I made & print up the big stickers they put on the box (can you say WASTE of paper?), do you really think I wanted to outline the inventory of every freakin' box? After I'd already typed in the general information for the sticker they threw out? I tell ya, I came thiiiiiis close to saying the box was full of nunya-dam (as in NUNYA-DAM BUSINESS)!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Going Back In Time

Wow - this takes me back...
I have a big box of audio cassette tapes, that I'm sorting through, so that the ones I want to keep can be recorded to CDs. Eventually. When I have time to learn to use the software. Anyway, to see which ones I want to keep, and which ones of those won't play anymore without squeaking, I'm playing them. So here I am, listening to Three Dog Night. Wow. Yeah, they're a little before my time, but not by much! Listened to Fleetwood Mac earlier, and The Police, and picked up American Graffiti, but that one's in the GoodWill box, because I already have the CDs. Most of my Beatles tapes are gone, but I will buy the CDs one of these days. I miss 'em. I have the Anthology set, but I want the original album mixes... Yes, I have an odd assortment, I suppose, but it makes me happy. Just wait 'til I start on my vinyl albums! Yup, I still have those, too - even 45s. No 8-tracks, though, so see? I'm not that old. Dorky, maybe - but not old!