Friday, May 05, 2006

And A Fun Time Was Had By All...

Our school recently held a Talent Show. At first, when they were putting it together, even close to the day of the show, things weren't looking so great. We figured, what the hell - it's a middle school talent show - it doesn't have to be anything but fun.
But let me tell you - those kids pulled together a fantastic show - we have some very talented (and very brave!) students at our school! There was singing, there was dancing, there was even a mini fashion show. Very creative kids we have around here!
Some of the faculty even performed a band act for the finale - what a blast!
I hope that we will continue to have these shows at our school - it was such a great time (and I was just in the audience), we had a terrific turnout, and our kids should be very proud of themselves.
The teacher who did most of the work for this show deserves a standing ovation - she did a hell of a job!