Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Hate Change!

Found out today that my boss, who I have loved working with/for, is being moved to another job in the school district. Instead of being our Principal, he's going to be Director of something-or-other. And on top of that miserable change (yeah, I know - it's probably going to be a good change for him - just sucks for us!), we're also losing our Assistant Principal, who we all adore, and who was at our school when it opened... She's being moved to another middle school.
One of the teachers said it best; this is like losing both of your parents! :-(
I don't understand why the District moves people the way it does, without real reason...
Of the people we're getting as replacements, I have not heard great things about the Principal we're getting, so I'm just going to cross my fingers & do my job (and bite my tongue. A lot.)
The Assistant Principal we're getting is a better situation. She actually used to teach at our school, and I really like her. So at least we'll have her...
So, I'm not at all happy about losing the two people we're losing, and I'm not thrilled about one of the incoming people, and God, I hate changes!!! , but at least one of the newcomers is a good one. So that's that.